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Gift Boxes are great for gift packaging and retail packaging.Gift Boxes offer not only protection for products,but also as an important part of branding and marketing.When you are looking for gift boxes,you are right place! As gift boxes manufacturer and gift boxes wholesaler,Gift Boxes Mall design,manufacture and wholesale wide range of gift boxes,including custom made rigid boxes,custom made foldable boxes,custom made gable boxes,custom made E flute boxes, and rigid gift boxes,luxury gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,pop up gift boxes,nested gift boxes,gable gift boxes,E flute gift boxes and more, Gift boxes from Gift Boxes Mall come in any size,shape and color to fit any end,occasion and cover different cost range.Importantly all gift boxes are made from recyclable material.

Custom Made Gift Boxes 

Gift Boxes have so many variety, Gift boxes are made from different material and construction,Whether it is rigid box,foldable box,pop up box,gable box, e flute box,that all can be custom made to suit different products and contents.As gift boxes manufacturer,Gift Boxes Mall specialize in manufacturing custom made gift boxes,custom made packaging boxes coming in wide range of material,style,construction,size,shape and color.

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Gift Boxes have many variety to suit different occasion and end.As gift boxes wholesaler,Gift Boxes Mall wholesale wide range of gift boxes including luxury gift boxes,rigid gift boxes,kraft gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,Pop Up gift boxes,nested gift boxes,gable gift boxes,e flute gift boxes and more at great cheap price.

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Gift Boxes Mall Specialize in manufacturing full range of paper shopping bags,kraft shopping bags including laminated paper bags,luxury paper bags,euro tote paper bags,kraft paper bags, brown kraft bags,white kraft bags  coming in any size and shape at great cheap price,short run is available.

Gift Boxes Mall specialize in manufacturing quality luxury paper bags,luxury shopping bags,luxury carrier bags,we can print any color on luxury bags, and offer wide range of handle,print finishes to build quality luxury paper bags as your desire.More information please visit << Luxury Paper Bags  >>

Gift Boxes Mall manufacture and wholesale custom made laminated paper bags.those laminated paper bags are great used as shopping bags,promotional bags,carrier bags.We can print custom logo and image on laminated paper bags,we also offer wide range of paper,handle to create personalized bag,detail please visit << Laminated Paper Bags >>
Euro tote paper bags are considered as high end shopper and promotional bags,At JinDian Packaging,Euro tote paper bags are made of laminated coated paper to add more silk and class feeling,with turn top and reinforced paper board,fitted different handle such as rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle coming in any size.if you are looking for custom printed Euro tote paper bags,visit << Euro Tote Paper Bags >> 
Paper Bags are great as carrier bags,because paper bags are versatile enough to cover different cost range from luxury carrier bags,to economic carrier bags. JinDian Packaging specialize in manufacturing quality paper carrier bags including laminated paper carrier bags,kraft paper carrier bags,luxury carrier bags,detail please go << Paper Carrier Bags >>

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Kraft paper bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable,great as eco friendly shopping bags and promotional bags.As kraft paper bags manufacturer,Gift Boxes Mall specialize in manufacturing full range of kraft paper bags including brown kraft bags,white kraft paper bags,twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags,rope handle kraft bags,luxury kraft bags.We can print custom logo and image on kraft paper bags to state more green message for your business.

Gift Boxes Mall wholesale wide range of paper gift bags including luxury gift bags,Euro tote bags,recycled kraft bags,brown kraft gift bags,white kraft gift bags 

Gift Boxes Mall

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Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Printed Rigid Boxes | Rigid Packaging Manufacturer

The Role Of Rigid Boxes in Luxury Packaging

The most commonly used and in demand box in the luxury packaging industry is in premium Rigid Boxes.
Rigid Box Printing differ from other boxes in some major ways. Specifically, material thickness, opening / closing experience, and construction methods. Rigid Boxes are typically four to five times thicker than conventional joints and have many more options for opening experiments than corrugated boxes.
In addition, the ornaments are printed on a piece of paper which is then wrapped around the outer chip board. This paper can be used inside and outside the box to provide more opportunities to display key messages and graphics during packaging.
Rigid Setup Boxes also benefit from Eccentric from other types of custom  packaging manufacturer and that is why they are so common in the cosmetics, consumer electronics, wine and spirits and many other luxury industries that more premium product packaging solutions are needed.
The rigid box consists of two main components, a core chipboard component, which acts as the core structure component of the box, and wraps the box that is attached to the box, which serves as the brand’s messaging space. does. Once the dimensions of the box are determined, a large piece of chipboard is cut and then rounded to form the 3D structure or “skeleton” of the box.
During die cutting of the chip board, several small die cut holes are made so that the magnet can be inserted into the box to enclose the house magnet. Adding magnetic enclosures inside luxury packaging is a common feature that makes the box feel more luxurious, while also adding a level of protection to the box.

Providing rigid setup boxes for some of the most essential industries

We specialize in high-end Rigid Boxes. Consumers across America have relied on our ability to provide optimal packaging solutions for their applications. We offer a unique blend of customer-centric culture and state-of-the-art packaging equipment available.
Rigid Boxes provide a level of strength and aesthetic appeal that makes them ideal for retail applications. Our facility is designed to provide excellent graphics and robust construction that are essential for success in highly competitive retail markets. Using the highest quality materials for construction and facilities, including die cut windows, rapid notches, film lamination, foil stamping, debossing and more, we can deliver world-class results for the most complex projects.
Our team understands the challenges facing our customers. Having new products on the market, keeping in mind the changing inventory needs. To accommodate these needs, we provide a flexible and quick diversion level that allows us to act as a smooth link in your supply chain.
We will work with you to maximize your packaging budget, from prototypes to production runs ranging from a thousand pieces to large-scale blanket orders that last for months or years.
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Gift Boxes Mall

As gift boxes specialist,Gift Boxes Mall specialize in manufacturing custom made rigid boxes and foldable boxes,We also design,wholesale wide range of gift boxes including luxury gift boxes,rigid gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,nested gift boxes.

Custom Made Rigid Boxes From Gift Boxes Mart

High quality packaging boxes are not only to offer good protection for any products, but also great to add more value and quality confidence into brand and products.
Rigid boxes are the best choice as high end packaging boxes.When you are looking for custom rigid boxes, Gift Boxes Mart can help you to create and build quality custom rigid boxes to meet your demand.
Personalized  rigid boxes are custom boxes that are unique and attractive, yet functional. s collection of boxes ranges from simple boxes that are great for holding industrial parts to fancy presentation gift boxes. Most aspects of your rigid box will be hand produced. Any of the paper used to make our other quality products can be used to make your rigid box. Your paper can be plain, theme, patterned, foil with various texture. Custom graphics, such as a logo or photographic image, can be printed or foil stamped on any paper that is wrapped on a rigid box. At Gift Boxes Mart, Your options are endless, so contact  Gift Boxes Mart to get all the options available.  Gift Boxes Mart will help you create the unique rigid box that will help your product sell better than you ever thought possible.How to create personalized rigid boxes? At Gift Boxes Mart  you can choose from Below specification to build your custom rigid boxes:
Graphics can make or break your specialty box. Add a simple, one-color line art logo or a vibrant, four-color photographic image to your box. BoxBagPack offers process printing, foil stamping, spot uv varnish and embossing for your boxes, inside and out. Plus varnish, aqueous, UV coatings, and film lamination can be added if needed. The options for your rigid box are limited only by your imagination.
You can add graphics to your box with conventional printing. One or two color line art on white or colored paper is most cost effective. But it’s the rich, four-color process, photographic images on your box that catches the consumers’ eye.
Foil Stamping
Add a look of distinction to your rigid box with foil stamping. You can achieve a brilliance that cannot be duplicated with ink. A wide spectrum of matte, gloss, metallic, or holographic foils are available. Combine the perfect foil color with one of thousands of colored, patterned or theme papers to achieve a look that fits your brand image. Contact with us for foil color options.
Embossing & debossed are great methods to print and highlight custom logo,pattern on rigid boxes. Through embossing, BoxBagPack can add texture by raising your graphics off your box to add more quality and luxurious feeling. You can add any pigmented or shiny foil stamping on top of the embossing to get the best effect of branding, or keep it “blind” for a classic, elegant appearance. Create a picture through texture with blind embossing. Embossing your box will add value and class.
You can add a layer of protection or a gloss or matte finish to your rigid box by coating the paper wrap. Choices of coatings include varnish, aqueous, UV or film lamination. For simple logos, varnish often adds enough extra protection to prevent the printing from rubbing off your box. Aqueous coating is harder than varnish and offers the protection needed on heavy print coverage. UV coating really makes the difference by making the images pop off the paper. Film lamination is used to provide protection when no other coating will do.
Adding graphics will increase your product’s value, communicate product information, establish brand recognition, convey marketing messages, and separate your product from crowd.

At Gift Boxes Mart, you can choose from below items to build your rigid boxes:
Chipboard is the base substrate  use to manufacture your rigid boxes. Weight of chipboard range from 800g to 2500g. Usually 1200g chipboard (0.2 mm thickness) is popular material to build strong rigid box . Knowing the weight of your product and how it will be packed in your box will help determine the thickness of the chipboard used.

Wrapped Paper
If chipboard is the skeleton for a specialty box, then the paper wrap is the skin. Your paper choices are endless. Your paper can be white, gloss or matte solid color, printed with a theme, or printed with a pattern. It can be flat or textured. It can even be a foil paper or special paper with texture finish. Custom graphics, such as a logo or photographic image, can be printed or foil stamped on any paper or foil that is wrapped on a box. When combining specialty papers with a variety graphics, you can create a unique appearance for your box that will add value and distinction to your product line.
Designing specialty boxes is what we does best. Since we are a custom manufacturer of boxes, we are highly trained in the structural design of our products. Whether you’re an ad agency with your own design staff or an inventor with little packaging knowledge, We will help you decide which box options best suit your needs.
At  there are so many styles of rigid boxes for your choice to create personalized rigid boxes:
Adding a hinge can turn a standard set-up box into a presentation. There are several styles of hinges available.

1 Paper Hinge
The most common hinge on a hinged box is achieved by adhering the lid paper to the bottom of the box. Most often, this style of hinge is used when the cover of the box extends all the way down, or is full telescoping. If extra strength is needed, you may include a reinforcing strip of paper or tape on the inside of the box.
2 Taped and Stitched Hinge
Our strongest hinge for boxes is called a taped and stitched hinge. This style is made by stapling the cover to the bottom, then adding a piece of paper or tape to cover the staples. You can add a taped and stitched hinge to a box that has a short lid or a full telescoping lid.
3 Three-Sided Cover Hinged Box
Another hinge for a specialty box is called a three-sided cover hinge. Again, the lid paper is used to adhere the bottom to lid. However, the hinge point is different on a three-sided cover hinge than on a standard paper hinge box. Die cutting is often inevitably required when manufacturing this style hinged box.

Book boxes are a unique specialty box that allows your customer to store your product on a book shelf. A book box is made by gluing a tray into an actual book cover. Our book covers are high quality turned edge covers, just like you would find on an ordinary hardbound book.
Neck boxes are three-piece specialty boxes where the lid and bottom do not telescope, or overlap. They “kiss” together or never touch each other. The inner neck, which can be a set-up tray, a glued sleeve, or a platform, is glued or friction-locked into the bottom of the box. The inner neck’s function is to guide and hold the lid in place when this box is closed.
Shoulder boxes are three-piece boxes, with a “shoulder” glued or friction-locked into the cover. Usually, the lid of a shoulder box is deeper than the bottom, and the shoulder prevents the bottom from pushing up into the lid
Plain stay boxes are traditionally used as an inexpensive industrial parts box. This rigid box is a standard set-up box with the stay, or tape, on the corners left exposed. Dress up an inexpensive plain stay box by only wrapping the lid.
 also offers drawer boxes,slide boxes, or matchbook boxes.

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